A bit of everything

Saturday was a busy fun day, with a bit of everything, ending with seeing Team America at the Reading Cine-lounge.

7.00 am Start blogging

9.00 am Brunch at Astoria. As usual, run into half a dozen people you know there (Wellington has only one degree of seperation)

11.30 am Xmas Shopping at North City Plaza, Porirua. Managed to get presents for niece, sister in law and stats girl.

2.30 p.m. Xmas Shopping on Lambton Quay. Get present for parents and for Ten while she isn’t looking. Only still got to get presents for brother, Estonian friend and German friend. Everytime I try to buy a nice painting for one of the overseas girls, I am told by Miss 92% in art history that it is awful and I have no taste. The sad thing is she is probably right.

4.00 p.m. Catchup with Blumsky. Head out for look around potential office sites, along with his little dog Winston. Winston normally very placid but goes quite off his head at the Cuba Mall fountains which he tries to attack despite seeing them every day. Very funny.

7.00 p.m. Team America. It wasn’t quite as side splitting funny as the Southpark movie (when you were laughing so much it hurt) but it was still very funny and well worth seeing. The puppet sex scene was hilarious, while the vomiting scene was painfully life like.

The theme song lyrics were of “America, fuck yeah!” were a wonderful pisstake, as was the ending when Gary explained how many americans are dicks, the film actors guild are pussies and the terrorist are arseholes and what happens with different combinations of them. I am already banned by Net Nanny so won’t give the full quote here, but if you are impatient it is the top quote at IMDB quotes for the film..

If you like Southpark you will probably like Team America. It takes the piss out of both conservatives and do gooding liberals, which makes it all the better. Oh and be prepared for certain film stars to die in extremely graphic fashion.

UPDATE: Kiwi Jew Pundit liked it also.

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