Cheer-up tonic for the right

If you’re feeling down about the NZ result, just go and read the latest from Mark Latham on Australian Labor. It is wonderful stuff with Latham now labelling himself a “whistle-blower“.

He has labelled current Labour Leader Kim Beazley as “indecent, duplicitous and unfit to clean toilets in Parliament House”. Now that’s a smear campaign.

He has also revealed how the trade unions almost blackmail Labor MPs to vote for things or risk deselection.

You know how bad it is when John Howard has to come out and say that the Labour MPs are not as bad as their former Leader paints them.

Yesterday they had the Labor Party President on saying you can’t take what Latham says as credible, as he is obviously a demented, vengeful hate filled man. The interviewer then commented along the lines of “And this is the man your party tried to make Prime Minister, don’t you owe the public an apology?”

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