Coalition Options

Stuff reports that both the Maori Party and the Greens may pass up on coalition.

The Maori Party never were going to seek coalition, so this is no surprise.

The Green stance is one of realism, not desire. NZ First and United Future both effectively are vetoeing the Greens being in Government.

What one can not rule out is a Labour-Progressive-United Future Government. Why? Mutual benefit?

From Labour’s point of view it needs to not just be in Government but also pass legislation. Having United Future in coalition will make most bills pass easier. Also it will force United Future to vote for their picks for Speaker and Select Committee Chairs. Finally it also makes it look like Labour is moving to the centre and rejecting extremes.

From United Future’s point of view, it is the chance to increase support at the next election. If they are not in Government, they will be merely on of four parties propping up a third term Government, and probably the one with the weakest brand. I can’t see how they could possibly increase their vote from that position. But if they have Dunne as a Minister, they can attempt to take credit for initiatives in his policy areas.

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