Cullen Key lovefest

The Dominion Post has a lengthy article on John Key, and in a nice break from the mud slinging others have done, reveals that both Key and Cullen like and respect each other. Particularly amusing lines are:


“I really like the guy, eh. He is obviously really intelligent.” “But I’m not into job sharing, that’s all.”

“On a personal level, I like Michael Cullen. I respect him. He’s achieved a lot and is obviously very intelligent.”

On would he enjoy going out for a meal with him?: “Absolutely. Currently, I’m seeing more of him than I am of my wife, so why not eat together?”


“I don’t think John is duplicitous at all.”

On having a meal with Key: “Yes, no problem at all. It’s just that the bastard wants my job, that’s all.”

On Key’s house: “I suppose you could practise your golf driving inside. I think there is a tendency, though John came from a state house background and made his own way up in the world, to look at it from that perspective

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