Elections are good for blogs

Well elections are good for blogs. These graphs show number of unique daily visits up until midnight.


This shows the number of daily visits, over the last 31 days on a rolling sum. So in the month up to the election we had over 160,000 visits. A year ago it was a bit over 20,000.


The weekly (last seven days) graph has gone up around 60% in the last two months. The temporary blip a couple of months ago was a ton of searches for the identities of the celebrity drug case names.


The daily stats can be harder to follow because they vary so much. Generally weekend days are 30% lower than weekdays. We had over 7,500 visits on Thursday which was a record.

Thanks to Scoop who remain our number one source of referrals, followed by NBR. A true bipartisan effort 🙂

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