Leader’s Debate

NZPA has a useful summary of the Leader’s Debate last night. I have to admit I didn’t want to watch it as I thought Brash would not have had time to get prepared for it, with the Brethren issue having blown up so large in the last two days.

However he did very well, both under the circumstances, and generally. NZPA sums it up as “ leader Don Brash, under siege over the Brethren pamphlet scandal, kept his cool and put in a confident performance on TV One’s leaders debate.”

Quite a few bloggers have commented the same. Will be interesting to see if it affects the polls much, esp some of the contributions from minor party leaders.

Heh just noticed on Rodney’s blog that during an interval when Helen complained to Mark Sainsbury that she hadn’t had a fair go, Rodney quipped that she should pop up to the cockpit to complain 🙂

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