More on debate heckles

For some reason I thought the TVNZ leaders debate was a week ago but in fact it was actually two weeks ago. This makes it even more extraordinary that Helen Clark suddenly starts mentioning alleged things shouted at her. I mean if they really had been shouted out, don’t you think she would have said something before now?

In the NZ Herald Clark claims her comments were not a ploy for sympathy. I’m sorry, but what bullshit. Why else do you bring it up two weeks after the debate? You do it because your internal polling tells you you are in the crap.

Talking of heckles, the Brooklyn meeting last night was great fun also with 13 candidates from Wellington Central and Rongotai – lots of funny interjections. My best was when Marian was talking about what Labour has done to reduce workplace stress and I interjected “not for Air NZ pilots”.

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