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Just been listening to what will probably be the final pre-election politics segment with Linda Clark, Matthew Hooton and Peter Harris.

Started off discussing why Peters is doing this smear campaign. Debating whether he is desperate to be the MP for Tauranga or whether his party is risking being under 5% and oblivion.

Hooton and Clark predict he will make 5%, so are puzzled why he is going so dirty. Consensus is it is in his genes.

Comparing approach of Dunne and Peters. Difference is Dunne will genuinely try and make it work. Peters has left wriggle room which he may use to bring down a Government.

Hooton says voters in Epsom should ask why Helen Clark is endorsing the National candidate. Spirited discussion on tactical voting with Harris saying ACT voters should vote National and Hooton saying that ACT are 3% in latest poll and those four seats if Hide wins Epsom could deliver Brash to be PM.

Now discussing polling. Harris and Hooton says public polls are now useless as they are so impossible to reconcile, and they are just creating news.

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