NewstalkZB at 930 am

If anyone is interested, I’m going to be on (Wellington) NewstalkZB at around 930 am to talk about heckling!!

UPDATE: Was good fun. Justin (the host) is a big fan of public meetings where MPs and candidates face the public, and so am I. We shared some cynicism over Clark taking two weeks to remember that someone allegedly said something nasty to her.

I put a plug in for people to attend the Aro Valley Community Centre meeting on Tuesday evening if they want to experience a very active meeting. It starts at 7 pm but I advise going early to get a seat.

Aro Valley is the only area in NZ where the Green Party gets 400% more support than National. Yes last election they got 36% and National 8% so this is as hostile territory as it gets. Fist fights have occured some years and the aim for centre-right candidates is just to get out literally unscathed.

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