PSA running Labour’s campaign

Rodney Hide has details of a leaked email showing the PSA is actually working for , by arranging for 600,000 letters to be sent out.

PSA staff also seem to be working full-time on at least one local campaign.

Now generally the PSA at a private organisation can do what it wants, but people need to remember that Labour has passed laws making union membership compulsory for staff on collective contracts, and further they have signed off on state sector contracts which pay staff huge amounts of money to join the PSA.

This is what you call pay off, and is far closer to corruption than any business donations to a party, because businesses get very indirect benefits from government policies (generally just a better environment) while unions get compulsory membership for collective contracts and direct taxpayer money to state sector staff if they join a union.

The equivalent would be if National passed laws and policies making it compulsory for large employers to join the Business Roundtable, and further approved trade and enterprise cash grants to any employer which does.

Have no doubt that the PSA is in no way an independent organisation, as seen by this e-mail. It is a wing of the Labour Party, and funded by the taxpayer to get Labour re-elected.

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