Scoop makes its predictions

Sccop has made its predictions for electorate contests.

The summary is:

Northcote: National gain
Epsom: National hold (I think – hard to tell from what they say)
Hamilton East: National gain
Hamilton West: National gain
Tauranga: Courts to decide
Napier: Too close to call
East Coast: National gain
Whanganui: National gain
Wairarapa: National gain
Wellington Central: Labour hold
Aoraki: National gain
Kaikoura: National hold
Otago: National gain
Invercargill: National gain
Te Tai Tokerau: Maori Party gain
Tamaki Makaurau: Maori Party gain
Tainui: Labour hold
Waiariki: Maori Party gain
Te Tai Hauauru: Maori Party hold
Ikaroa Rawhiti: Labour hold
Te Tai Tokerau: Labour hold

So overall Scoop are predicting Labour will lose 13, maybe 14 electorate seats.

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