Waiting for the apologies

The anti Greens and anti-Government leaflets have been identified as the work of the Exclusive Brethren.

Now unless one is a is paranoid enough to think there is a secret conspiracy between National and the Exclusive Brethren, then the pamphlets clearly have nothing to do with National, even though of course National, along with United Future, NZ First and ACT may benefit from them.

But this did not stop Clark, Cullen, Williams and Fitzsimons smearing National as the author, with comments bordering on defamatory. Let’s review them:

Cullen: “It seems pretty obvious a National Party front organisation is being used.”

Williams: “It’s clearly coming out of the National Party”

Clark: “The material in the leaflets was “absolutely consistent” with what the National Party was saying, with the same sort of graphics and typeface used”

Fitzsimons: “Given National’s history of smearing the Greens, a reticence on Dr Brash’s behalf would probably have to be interpreted as an admission of guilt.” and “The leaflets were reminiscent of past attacks on the Greens by the National Party.”

If Messrs Cullen and Williams and Mesdames Fitzsimons and Clark don’t want to apologise in person for their smearing of National, then I am happy for them to merely post their apologies on this thread.

I also look forward to the fearless media hounding the four individuals named above, until they have got them to apologise.

UPDATE: This is outraegous. Not only is Fitzsimons not apologising, she is all over the radio saying she is going to complain to the Electoral Office on the basis they are part of National’s campaign and should be included in their budget.

I am amazed the media give such claims airtime, without pointing out that the unions advocate on a massive scale in a way which helps Labour and also organisations like Greenpeace do advocacy which benefits the Greens.

This is desperate stuff.

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