2005 Durex Global Sex Survey

Well the results of the 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey are in, and let’s see what they say about us Kiwis. On a side note can I express my disappointment my company did not get asked to conduct this survey πŸ™‚

Main findings are:

* second highest in world for one-night stands
* have sex 114 times a year – ahead of global average & Australia
* Kiwis fourth highest in world for unsafe sex
* third highest in world for number of sexual partners
* Queenstown New Zealand’s sexiest city
* Daniel Carter voted our sexiest man
* Nicky Watson our sexiest woman
* two-thirds of Kiwi women have faked the big ‘O’

Now 65% of have had unsafe sex, and women more likely than men. Bad.

The average number of sexual partners is 13.2 The 0.2 must have been a premature sufferer πŸ™‚

And for frequency 114 times a year is just over twice a week. Hell that barely covers the weekend!

Other useful stats are that 26% have tried a threesome, 53% have had sex in a park (heh do botanical gardens count) and 3% have joined the mile high club. 15 have captured the moment on film.

Harder to beleive is Nicky Watson being most attractive female. I mean she used to be stunning but lately, well not the same. Hmmn hard pressed to say who I would rank higher though.

Oh yes the Durex site has more results including

* 42% of NZers have used handcuffs or blindfolds (or both πŸ™‚
* Kiwi average foreplay time is 19.4 minutes – poor Thais are 11.5 mins
* NZers ranked Angelina Jolie at 24% as most sexy internationally followed by Britney Spears at 17%. But where is Jessica Simpson??

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