All men are paedophiles!

Or so Air New Zealand and Qantas seems to think, with news that it is policy to ban men from sitting next to unaccompanied children on flights.

It’s not that I personally mind – sometimes having a child next to you on a flight is like being on the 5th level of Dante’s Hell, and often the best seat of any plane is that with no-one next to you.

But nevertheless how fucking offensive, and yes I mean fucking. Think if Air NZ banned Muslims from sitting within the front ten rows of a plane, just to protect the pilots? I mean after all it is true that just as a man is more likely to be a paedophile, a Muslim is more likely to be a terrorist? Never mind that of men are not paedophiles just as much the same percentage of Muslims are not terrorist?

And how about buses? Let’s have children and women only areas on buses, with men forced to sit down the back.

Oh and we better ban men from being teachers or youth leaders, because hey you never know when one of them might be a child abuser.

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