Conscience Vote Comparisons

Maxim has a nice wee page which not only allows you to see how each MP voted on some consicence issues, but compares your results to them.

I would have voted in favour of the Civil Unions Bill, the Relationships Bill, the Death With Dignity Bill and the Prostitution Reform Bill. I would have voted against the Sale of Liquor Act (Youth Alcohol Harm Reduction) and the Care of Children Amendment.

So which MPs voted the same as I would.

In ACT Rodney, Heather and Ken are my soulmates.

Very scary – six of the nine Greens vote the same as me on conscience issues. Sue Bradford, Rod Donald, Jeanette Fitzsimons, Keith Locke, Nandor Tanczos and Metria Turei.

From Labour just Tim Barnett, Steve Chadwick, Helen Duncan, George Hawkins, Dave Hereora, Marian Hobbs, Pete Hodgson and Judith Tizard.

No-one from National on conscience issues. Roger Sowry, Maurice Williamson and Pansy Wong come closest.

And no-one from NZ First, Progressive or United Future.

God strange bedfellows. It can be lonely being a classical liberal at times!

Hat Tip: Krimsonlake

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