Goff need to talk to Clark

Having helped stuff up APEC for Peters, Goff has come home to plead that people are nicer to Winston (otherwise Winston will sulk).

Goff blames journalists for daring to report his stuff-ups, and the NZ Herald wonderfully allows Fran O’Sullivan to fisk him in reply.

If Phil Goff wants to stop people undermining Winston, he needs to talk to Helen Clark who today said “There had been no need to discuss improving relations between the two countries [NZ and US] as they were in a healthy state” which directly undermines Peters who says improving the relationship is his number one foreign policy goal.

I’m sorry but this is like amateur hour. The PM and the Foreign Minister can’t even agree on the most basic questions of foreign policy. And as Audrey Young shows in her column, Phil Goff has also created many of the problems.

Finally also read Fran’s column which gives a good over-view of it all.

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