Golden Handshakes

People will recall Helen Clark campaigning in 1999 on an end to golden handshakes. Well Heather Roy has published a useful list of ones since then. They include:

TVNZ Chief Executive (Ian Fraser) – $420,000
Families Commission Chief Executive (Claire Austen) – $50,000
NZQA Chief Executive (Karen van Rooyen) – $50,000
NZ Post General Manager (Robert Lake) – $208,858
NZ Police Commissioner (Peter Doone) – $137,500
Airways Corporation Legal Counsel (Ezequiel Trumper) – $160,000
Transend Managing Director (Drew Stein) – $80,000
Healthlink South Chief Executive (Jane Parfitt) – $265,000
Victoria University Vice-Chancellor (Michael Irving) – $420,000

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