Various stupidities

First of all we have Nick Eynon at Three Point Turn who says:

This renewed call from Treasury to cut taxes is a little out of date don’t ya think?
Didn’t we just have an election a couple of months ago centred on this very issue?
Team Tax Cut lost. Get over it.

Okay Nick, now you may have missed this but Government Departments are obliged to offer their honest advice to an incoming Government. As much as you might want them to lie, that is not desirable.

Let me use an analogy. If National won the election, would you really demand that Te Puni Kokiri in its briefing says “We think the Government should abolish the Maori seats, scrap our department, and get rid of treaty principles in legislation?

Then we have Frog Blog excited because naughty Nandor not just got to mention the Treaty when taking the oath, but wow we he didn’t really take it back and he also made reference to “the people of Aotearoa” which not even the Maori Party did.

I’m sorry but grow up. Who gives a f***. Oh dear we are more Maori than the Maori Party because our non Maori MP used the word Aotearoa!

Incidentially as a Republican I support changing the oath, but there is a process for changing it.

Then we have the About Town crew who think they are really really smart because they did a double dupe. Umm no. You simply lied. Any moron can tell a lie, and because most people will believe someone until given cause not to, of course some people will believe a lie. April 1 is the honourable exception to the rule.

A clever dupe has elements of truth to it. A good example is Random Contributionz who used a real life event (the protests at the Aussie HC) to classify it as a terror test. That was very well done.

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