Peters loses

The Speaker has just announced to huge applause in the House that the Electoral Court Judges have determined that the election of Bob Clarkson as MP for Tauranga was not void.

Perhaps Peters will finally now concede he lost.

Huge congratulations to Bob and his team. Awful to have to go through this, but great to have Peters’ claims fall short.

UPDATE: The decision is online. Good work MOJ staff.

UPDATE 2: Just finished reading the 45 page judgement. It is going to be an incredibly valuable guide for candidates for future elections. They concluded that the maximum spent, in terms of what constitutes election activities under the Act, was $18,159.79.

UPDATE3: Peters is a very bad loser. He outraegously attacks the ruling as meaning there are no rule or limits on candidate expenditure, when even a first year law student who reads it could tell you it says no such thing.

He also says he plans to get his colleagues (ie Helen) to change the law for the next election.

What a pitiful loser he is. Not a hint of graciousness or concession.

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