Coddington on Blogs

Deborah Coddington hits out at blogs in today’s HoS.

Before commenting on the substance, I do have to record my amusement at Deborah not knowing whether Jordan Carter is a real person 🙂

Deborah takes issue not so much with blog authors, but the tone of some of the comments on the blogs. I have to say while I don’t censor in extreme cases, I have considerable sympathy for what Deborah said. While there are many excellent comments made, it would ne nice if there was less personal abuse – especially directed to specific people.

I was horrified a couple of months ago to read some of the very personal comments people had made (not on this blog) about Kerre Woodham. Likewise some of the comments about Deborah were well over the top.

I’m probably going to start censoring things a wee bit more (something I don’t really have the time or enthusiasm to do) when highly abusive comments are made – especially in relation to people not posting on a thread.

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