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Goodness the major concern to Wellingtonians must be obscure school appointments and policies as today’s lead story in the Dom Post is that Wellington High School paid 13 out of 1,000 students a $50 prize for having a 100% attendance record.

Back when I was at school we had to work much harder to make the front page. Rongotai College managed it though when there was a national controversy over the principal video recording pupil’s getting caned so he could examine the best aeronautical way to cane (he was a former aeronautical engineer).

Most amusing was how when the debate went public over this issue the Evening Post trumpeted a banner headline “Civil War breaks out at school” and I grabbed a copy to see which school this had happened at, to find I was at the so called civil war wracked school!

Civil War meaning two students shoved each other in a disagreement on the issue.

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