Commitment to Broadband

While of course there is much of what Labour does I disagree with, I was delighted to see Helen Clark make a more competitive broadband environment a major aspect of her speech setting out priorities for the year.

There is a big difference between a portfolio Minister talking about reviews and the Prime Minister commiting the Government to action as a matter of “urgency”. This means that something significant will be done, and in months not years.

As someone who has been heavily involved in this area for some time, who has lobbied on the issue, attended and advocted at commerce commission hearings etc I’m especially pleased to see the commitment. Makes all the work worthwhile. Well not quite as it will depend on details which are a few monthstor off but a good step forward.

UPDATE: Further stories this morning in NZ Herald and Dominion Post. Also a Dom Post editorial welcoming the undertakings from the Govt.

Oh and also Fran O’Sullivan welcomes that “the Government has finally woken up to the fact that Telecom’s failure to deliver broadband and services at an internationally competitive rate is a major economic roadblock”.

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