Dr Cullen is a telepath

can only conclude that Dr Cullen has psychic ability and is a telepath.

You see NewstalkZB has Dr Cullen saying the former Bayfield High School Principal is “confused” when he says he told David Benson-Pope about the complaint against him.

Now is amazing that Dr Cullen, who has absolutely no first hand knowledge of what happened, is able to state with certainity that the former principal is confused. Perhaps he can also work out who killed Mona Blades with his new found powers.

I’m amazed the is going to try and brazen this out. I mean from a partisan viewpoint I should be delighted as it will keep the issue going for longer, but it is going to be so sad for the Minister. Already we hear another parent is alleging DBP kneed his son in the groin.

DBP is seeking to do a personal statement at 2 pm. This will require leave of the House and as anything said in a personal statement can no longer be challenged afterwards he might not get it. He should use the personal statement to resign.

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