Labour overspent!!!!

Prime TV News just reported that Labour “badly” overspent their legal limit in the election. No details yet.

UPDATE: They overspent by $418,603!!!!

This is a huge amount of over-spending. I understand it relates to all the propoganda put out by the PM’s Office from taxpayer funds having to be included. Now it has been ruled to be campaign advertising, will the Speaker insist Labour refund the taxpayer for the money.

National of course had the GST stuff-up on its TV advertising, but that was a different league to this – both in terms of mistaken intent and value.

UPDATE 2: Just checked the Electoral Act. Section 214B(3) says:

Every person who directly or indirectly pays or knowingly aids or abets any person in paying for or on account of any election expenses any sum in excess of the maximum amount prescribed by this section is,

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