Passport by Helicopter

The NZ Herald has a story about Michelle Boag using a rescue helicopter to fetch her passport after she realised she had it behind on Waiheke Island.

While an irresistible news story, the key aspect is that the $4,000 cost of the flight was paid for by Michelle personally so the comment by a Waiheke neighbour saying “I wonder how all the people who have contributed money would feel about that?” is pretty stupid.

I didn’t know Michelle had set up and chaired a foundation to to fund-raise for the rescue helicopter but it is no surprise. Michelle has a very very long of charitable and community service.

Talking of passports I’ve never forgotten my passport but I do specialise in misplacing my one and only locating it a few hours before the flight. This happens almost every time. I’m just about packed and then I wonder where my passport is. A search of cupboards and drawers takes place at a frantic rate until I usually find it in the side pocket of my travel bag or something. I really need to settle on a permanent storage spot for it.

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