Series Finales

Now this is a great Wikipedia page – Series Finales. It has a short summary of every major series finale from the 1960s on. My God the memories! Some favourites:

* Blake’s 7 – After being absent for two years, Blake returns and has apparently turned traitor (though this is in fact a ruse). In a misunderstanding, Avon shoots Blake dead, then Dayna, Vila, Soolin and Tarrant are gunned down by Federation troopers. The final shots show Avon surrounded by troopers and raising his gun, then gun shots are heard…

* To The Manor Born – Audrey and Richard marry, and Audrey is once more the lady of Grantleigh Manor.

* Benson – And the Winner is… – Benson runs against Gatling for state governor. The two sit together waiting for the election results. The outcome is not revealed.

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