Southpark Ratings

Well I was wrong when I predicted the Soutpark ratings would be double their normal 30,000. In fact they grew over 600% to 220,000 households.

I feel a bit sorry for the Catholic Church in that I think they knew a big public protest would be the worst thing they could do. Their initial reaction was to just say we don’t find it funny and would rather it is not shown but that’s a decision for C4.

Then a few weeks went by and the cartoon protests became a huge issue and this increased the profile of the episode because it was compared to the cartoons. And this seemed to then cause the Church to try a more high profile campaign and boycott – something guaranteed to increase ratings.

Anyway on behalf of the NZ Southpark fans thanks you to the Church for introducing Southpark to so many more people.

UPDATE: Good editorial from the Timaru Herald of all places. God do they have their own newspaper. I thought the printing press was a recent invention down there!

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