Three broadband stories

The debate is well underway. First of all there is a scathing Computerworld article which fisks the Business NZ broadband report and finds it seriously lacking. In summary the report:

* has outdated or inaccurate information in 21 of the 30 countries listed;
* ignores that 15 of the 30 countries now offer uncapped services;
* only looks at incumbent telcos’ plans, not new offerings
* doesn’t include ADSL 2+ plans, only first generation ADSL

Then we have a column by InternetNZ which the Dominion Post kindly ran in response to the column by the Business Roundtable.

Finally the Greens have come out and strongly endorsed the reform proposals put up by InternetNZ. This wasn’t solicited but is very welcome, and what is very graffitying is that Nandor has caught on to the fact we want to move the debate beyond local loop unbundling. Indeed we do. LLU is I suspect almost inevitable now – it’s what else do you do on top of that (and also making sure that LLU is done in such a way as to be most effective).

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