Another defence gone

The lead in the NZ Herald debunks ’s defence of DBP over the claims of slapping a girl on the thigh an abseiling course. They mentioned several times that another teacher there didn’t back up the accusation and hence supported DBP’s version of events.

The teacher has come out and said she did not observe the slap because “she was not there to witness it”

How thick do you have to be to cite someone as a witness who wasn’t even there. If this is the new standard of defence I’d like it known that I am prepared to testify that I never saw last night’s mugging in Auckland. You know because I was in Perth.

Anyway the issue again isn’t whether the accusation can be proven true or not. The salient point is that Benson-Pope’s statement to the House that there had never been a complaint against him is not just wrong once, but wrong three times. There is now documented proof of three separate complaints.

No matter what the facts of a case are, in almost every instance Benson-Pope has absolutely denied it happened. Then as proof comes out he claims not to remember it, and then as proof comes out that there were conversations about it he changes his story again.

I don’t greatly care that the Minister was and is a bully. Hell so was Muldoon. I do care that he has a near pathological aversion to telling the truth. That is the issue.

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