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Slate has a list of the 60 most generous Americans. Bill Gates is actually only in second place with his donations last year of $320 million, behind Cordelia Scaife May on $404 million.

The NZ Herald has an article on the achievements of the current Labour-NZ First Government.

Scott Adams is hilarious as always as he details his wedding plans and costs. He reminds his fiancee of how many Rwandan lives could be saved by doing things cheaper!

Reuters reports on how Kinky Friedman is standing for Governor of Texas. I love it – his campaign slogan is “Why the Hell Not?”. He calls himself a “compassionate redneck” and will rename highways after Willie Nelson and Buddy Holly. I just like the idea of billboards saying “Vote Kinky” 🙂

Ian Wishart highlights how one census collector is a former insane killer. I’m hoping Jeremy has been more careful with his staff selections!

Trevor Loudon takes a close look at whom in NZ Aid decides to give $500,000 to Hamas terrorists on our behalf. Remember though Winston signed it off.

Also you can get the Silent Running tax priorities button pictured above.

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