Australian Labor want to ban the Internet

Well not quite but their daft plan to force ISPs to block violent and pornographic material on the is ludicrous and may impose huge costs on Internet Providers.

Their reasoning is “It was ‘too hard’ for many parents to install internet blockers on their computers”. What idiocy.

And Kim Beazley is totally getting it wrong when he says similar systems operated in Sweden and Britain. The systems he refers to are:

(a) voluntary
(b) only block illegal child pornography
(c) do not block perfectly legal R rated material
(d) despite best efforts only block a small amount of illegal material anyway

Thank God almost all parties in NZ have MPs who understand the Internet reasonably well and there is no likelihood of such a stupid policy here from a major party.

Is it any wonder John Howard is in his 10th year as PM if this is what his opposition come up with.

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