Deb’s 20 questions

No big stories to blog on in depth today so just another short link of readable articles. Deborah Coddington’s 20 questions for MPs is quite good.

To fill up space I’ll provide some answers:

1) Because they are looking forward
2) 4.5 years. No they are not that crafty. As if they force a passenger off it will delay flight even longer.
3) MPs taking Holyoake’s advice to breathe through their nose
4) No-one who has eaten at Bellamys thinks one goes there for the meals
5) Fathers are different to teachers.
6) Probably a factor yes.
7) No and No
8) Yes but he swallowed it
9) Because people think it is witty
10) No he doesn’t and no he won’t
11) Nope she was referring to her Foreign Minister
12) Yes
13) Because Opposition MPs do not get involved in street brawls so often
14) Mayor of Auckland I say
15) Ask Todd
16) Yes
17) He’s proud of his attributes
18) It will happen given time
19) Yes
20) An attempt to be pithy and humourous.

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