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This is quite cool. You can go this face recognition site, upload a photo, and it tells you which celebrities you most look like!

So of course I’ve just uploaded a few. The matches are:

Miss Ten: Shania Twain 75%, Julia Roberts 74%, Eva Longoria 74%, Charlize Theron 74%, Jennifer Aniston 73% [Anyone detecting a pattern here]

DPF: Ernest Hemingway 62%, Joshua Jackson 60%, Hugh Jackman 58%

Helen from Estonia: Rachel Hunter 61%, Meg Ryan 56%

Rodney Hide: Ricky Martin 72%, Jack Nicholson 66%, Michael Collins 61%,

Helen Guergis: Ricki Lake 71%, Renee Zellweger 70%, Demi Moore 68%, Courtney Cox 64%

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