Harmeet Sooden

It is wonderful news for the family and friends of Harmeet Sooden that he and two of his colleagues have been rescued before his terrorist kidnappers executed them.

He may like to reflect on the fact he would have undeniably been eventually murdered, as his colleague Tom Fox was, if the UK Military had not ignored the explicit request from his organisation, Christian Peacekeepers, against “violent force to save lives of its workers should they be kidnapped, held hostage, or caught in the middle of a conflict situation”.

Some UK soldiers just risked their lives to save him and his colleagues, even though Christian Peacekeepers blamed their kidnapping not on you know the actual kidnapping murdering terrorists but the UK and US.

So it is wonderful that they have been rescued. I wonder if Christian Peacekeepers will stay true to their principles and condemn the UK Government for rescuing them and ignoring their explicit request that they not be rescued by force? While it appears no-one was killed in the rescue, it was UK Special Forces who went in fully armed and prepared to kill or be killed to rescue them.

UPDATE: The CPT website doesn’t even thank the UK forces for saving the lives of their workers. In fact they refer to them being “safely released” almost as if the terrorist kidnappers changed their mind and let them go.

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