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Currently in the ICANN Public Forum (link is to a webcast). I continue to be amazed at the speed of the typists who do the real-time transcript. I asked one of them if they knew how many words a minute they type at and she said she had been measured at 260 words a minute!!

UPDATE: Being at a meeting where 95% of the participants have laptops and are online makes for interesting meetings. As one example an unofficial IRC channel has been running during the conference for those who want to use it. Two of the 15 ICANN Board members are on it, so during the public forum there is also a reasonable amount of unofficial dialogue where questions are asked through IRC and where possible info posted back there also. So as one meeting is taking place through microphones a complementary one occurs through IRC. And as usual with IRC some very witty comments are made, which wouldn’t be said over an open mike. The best of both worlds!

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