Office Banter

Frit has posted a copy of some e-mail banter at his workplace. Like him I also enjoy e-mail banter at work – makes the job far more enjoyable if you can.

Some of the e-mails between staff at Parliament were hilariously offensive. Insults (all between friends) would be limited only by one’s imagination and if the e-mails had ever been sighted by the human resources department they would have probably all died from heart attacks. One former chief press secretary used to even photoshop people’s faces into images and sent them around. I once appeared in place of the new born son of an MP.

Most staff worked well over 50 hours a week so letting off steam didn’t impact productivity. However occasionally the flame wars would go over the top. One Friday I recall returning from lunch to find around 75 e-mails in the inbox all as part of a thread taking the mickey out of me which had just started when I left.

I’ve actually kept pretty much all my e-mails from them. Might make a good publication one day 🙂

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