Porkies galore

As I reported yesterday, the Outdoor Recreation Party has left United Future.

And they were absolutely explicit about why they were leaving. They said they had problems with the religious elements of United Future.

Now Peter Dunne has said that the reason Outdoor Recreation left has nothing to do with Christian evangelism, and was always going to happen after the election.

Well these two statements are mutually exclusive. Either Outdoor Recreation is lying and they have just invented an excuse for why they are leaving, or United Future is lying. And personally I can’t see how Peter Dunne can possibly claim to speak on behalf of Outdoor Recreation as to why they are leaving.

As I have said many times I regard Peter Dunne as a good MP, good Minister and a good guy. However he is in denial about the people he has gone into bed with when he joined with Christian Democrats. How many people have to leave United Future citing the Christian evangelism before he stops pretending it isn’t an issue.

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