Prison P and Porn

The killer of Lilibing, now out of prison, says prison wasn’t much of a punishment as she could smoke P in there and also download porn on her cellphone.

It is beyond unacceptable that almost every prisoner seems to have a cellphone or two. The technology exists to detect or prevent use of such phones and the Government should use some of it multi billion surpluses to implement this technology immediately.

Likewise for the drugs problems. If they can have sniiffer dogs at airports, why are they not using them every day at prisons?

Also just noted in this interview with Rachealle Namana that she talks of how she has no job yet goe sout partying every night and still has enough money leftover to donate to inmates inside to allow them to buy drugs.

Now lets hear again from the poverty campaigners about how you can’t survive on a benefit!

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