Robert Fisk

The NZ Herald does a profile of Robert Fisk which must surely be up for an award for most uncritical profile of any person in the last ten years.

In the lengthy article there isn’t even a single sentence detailing the many criticisms of Fisk. Could one imagine a right wing journalists having such a fawning profile?

The article includes the following:

* the mood verged on breathless adulation
* who faces mortal danger almost every time he goes out on the job
* Fisk, who bristles with energy, cannot stand being idle
* The only thing I regret is that in order to survive I had to throw a punch and there’s the mark where the Afghan lost his tooth.
* A one-man energiser. Phenomenal.
* What is it about the Fisk phenomenon
* If anyone wants to know what is going on, read Fisk’s book and be thankful that there does exist one chronicler of contemporary history with the courage to speak out, and with genuine facts at his command
* He uses the plainest language, there is no embellishment, there is no great literary allusion
* It’s partly the messianic quality he brings as well, and word about that has got out
* My personal feeling is that Fisk is the only person in the who has a comprehensive grasp of the ebb and flow of history,
* Fisk has told the absolute and coruscating truth
* When you put Fisk before a crowd of people, everyone’s eyes light up and they look animated with expectation. They really believe they are going to be told something that illuminates the way they see the world, which is very flattering
* He is profoundly optimistic and idealistic – he believes in the power of journalism
* He is not a cynical old hack – the lights are still on, he is unstoppable and the energy is contagious

I don’t think Jesus and Buddha combined ever had such a good review! Hell Mother Theresa got far worst press than this fawning piece of hero worship.

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