Okay well my party invitations are going to dry up after my less than sober blog about The Penthouse party ended up exciting the NZ Herald. I was fairly incredulous when phoned by them that this was deemed newsworthy and suggested it was more a Sideswipe item if they were going to run it at all. So I can’t complain they have done exactly that and run it in Sideswipe! 🙂

Reflections in hindsight:

1) Yes singing Uptown Girl is in fact the more embarrassing revelation
2) As Rodney said to me on Sunday “David, do not blog when pissed” – is good advice
3) Yes grown-ups bragging about booze is puerile but to be fair I have never claimed to be totally grown-up!

Anyway commiserations to The Penthouse crew for me getting them sideswiped. And thanks again for the great night!

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