SST on Sleaze

Michael Laws (whom one must acknowledge as an expert in this area) writes in the SST that:

An element of sleaze has started to surround this administration. Losing one cabinet minister is understandable and losing two may have been bad luck. Losing 10 since 2000 suggests something is awry in the Beehive.

He also deals with the accusations that the Opposition are dirt digging:

It is hysterical nonsense to claim that the Opposition is on some sort of trash vendetta, that it is turning over MPs’ private lives for political gain. It did not drive drunk like former ACC minister Ruth Dyson. It did not hide past criminal offending, it did not mislead parliament, it did not lie about immigration matters – all acts which have led to ministers being sacked during this administration’s term.

And then the SST Editorial talks about Helen Clark and Tony Blair as Sleazy strife for two mates.

Clark’s problem with electoral funding is less flagrant, but still serious. Nobody really believes that the $440,000 from her leader’s budget spent on pledge cards was anything but electioneering. The police found there was a prima facie case that this was an offence. Astonishingly, they decided not to prosecute. The impression left is that the police didn’t want to offend their political masters.

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