Text Bullying

Having worked with Netsafe for several years I’ve been aware that text bullying has been a signifiant issue for some time. It is tragic that it has taken the death of a 12 year old to highlight the issue.

I do think one has to be careful about how much one expects a telco to do. Technical innovations such as being able to block certain numbers would be very useful but I get alarmed when I read this story in the NZ Herald.

A parent complains that Telecom wouldn’t disconnect his daughter’s name as he was not the user. He then goes on to say getting his daughter’s consent was impossible. “Can you imagine the screaming match if I tried to physically take the phone from her? It’s a social lifeline.”

Umm so you want Telecom to disconnect your daughter because you are not willing to take her phone off her to protect her from text bullying?

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