The .xxx TLD

The Dom Post has an article on the US Government’s latest opposition to the proposed .xxx TLD. Their motivation is being fuelled by the religious lobby groups in the US who think this will somehow legitimise porn on the . As if you know there isn’t much of it already!

But what is interesting is who else is against the proposal. I had lunch yesterday with the Communications Director of the trade association of the adult entertainment industry. And they are not in favour of .xxx but very much against it.

Their fears are the opposite of the US Government. They fear .xxx TLD may end up becoming compulsory for adult entertainment websites, with governments then legislating to make it mandatory for such sites to be in .xxx TLD. They also believe credit card companies might refuse to provide services to adult sites which are not in the .xxx TLD which will give the sponros of that TLD de facto control over the entire industry.

So a real case of strange bedfellows with the religious lobby groups and some of the adult enterainment lobby groups in bed together, so to speak 🙂

Personally I still tend to favour the proposed TLD as generally favour almost all new TLDs which have enough market demand for them, but I don’t get a vote.

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