Today in Parliament

Peter Brown on Ahmed Zaoui. Brown manages the near impossible – getting me more favourable to allowing Zaoui to remain!

Wait now Keith Locke is speaking which swings me back to the Deport Zaoui case. Locke compares sending Zaoui back to Algeria to sending a Jew back to Nazi Germany. Nice moral equivalence.

Peter Brown now complaing that Zaoui appeared in a music video. Good God.

How about we keep Zaoui and deport both Brown and Locke??? 🙂

UPDATE: Rick Barker on the marina issue has just said:

Just because somebody says something doesn’t mean it is true

General laughter especially as he is next to David Benson-Pope. So true. Anyway it means that the Government is saying Bob Harvey is lying about being told Chris Carter’s decision in advance.

Good God Clayton Cosgrove has less hair on top of his head than I do. Those shots from above are very cruel to male MPs!

Nice question from Tony Ryall on why 10 DHBs have sent up to five staff each to a recruitment expo in London. Insane they they have not pooled resources. Minister basically agrees it is bad.

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