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Heh someone is auctioning off a set of four postage stamps, commemorating NZ atrocities.

They are:

Tarajara 2005 – Kiwi atrocities, complete mint set of four.

The tiny Pacific land of Tarajara, at war with New Zealand, has issued this set showing Kiwi Atrocities.

70 francs: David Benson-Pope …

140 francs: Helen Clark, who drops poison spray on innocent civilians in Hamilton and West Auckland;

165 francs: Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III, High Chief of Samoa and leader of the non-violent Mau movement, shot in the back by a kiwi policeman while leading a peaceful parade in Apia in 1929;

270 francs: The kiwi ship SS “Talune”, which spread Spanish influenza round the Pacific due to kiwi incompetence. In Samoa, this led to 7,542 deaths, most of whom were buried in mass graves in severe violation of Samoan tradition.

Sold “as is”. Condition: excellent.

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