Win a trip to Palmerston North

No this isn’t a joke. If you are able to write why you would like to visit Palmerston North in less than 20 words, then you may win a free trip to Palmerston North.

God if winning a weekend in Palmerston North is the first prize, then the second prize must be winning a week there and third prize winning a month! At that point I would suggest your friends apply for a write of habeas corpus to demand you be returned.

And oh look at this list of their top five things you can do as a tourist:

* Jetboating along the Manawatu River.
* Strolling through world-class rose gardens.
* Driving a circuit of the Manfeild racetrack.
* Listening to top academics at Massey University.
* Not yet decided

Oh my God. They can’t even come up with a No 5 and their No 4 is listening to an academic talk!!! Oh yes this will bring the masses in.

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