Work Probation Bill passes

Now this is a major defeat for the Government. Wayne Mapp’s bill to have a 90 day probation period for new employees passed the first reading 63 to 58 as three out of four Maori Party MPs voted for it.

You see unlike the 100 MPs bill which has almost no chance of retaining majority support past select committee stage, this bill could retain its supporters and be passed into law against the Government’s wishes.

Now of course some will scare monger that if such a bill becomes law, then a horde of employers will suddenly turn evil and sack all their new staff at the 90 day mark so their staff never gain enhanced employment protections. This is mickey mouse type lunacy as the costs to emploters to recruit and train up new staff is often very significant. What it will mean is that if you hire someone who just obviously isn’t up to the job you can say within 90 days that it isn’t working without the risk of a huge legal battle.

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