A very cool proposal

Received the e-mail below from a friend about one of his friends, and how he proposed to his wife. The short version is he did it on a plane and got the airline to play a short video on the in-board system. The links to the video are at the end of the story.

A very cool way to propose (so long as a yes is guaranteed) and hard to trump.

Hi All,

As of last weekend, Zareen and I are now engaged to be married.

That’s the short of it! Here’s the long of it (you can stop reading here if you like, there will not be any kind of quiz.)

My brother Tom gave me two pieces of advice: first, don’t buy a nice ring (save that for later when Zareen could have some input) and second, don’t propose a way that seems too “spur of the moment”. $15 and two turns around the flea market near our house and the first part was taken care of. The second part was a bit more problematic.

Zareen was going to spend the first part of her spring “break” taking over the teaching of a kindergarten class for three days. I briefly thought of some kind of proposal involving the kids holding signs or singing a song (inspired by the opening scene in the movie

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