Anti-PC in The Telegraph

I saw today that Wayne Mapp got a mention in the UK Telegraph for the complaint against the airlines for banning men from being seated next to unaccompanied children.

It reminded me that last week flying back from Auckland, Air NZ actually broke their policy and did in fact have an unaccompanied child seated next to a male. She was in Seat 1C, the guy was in 1B and I was across the aisle in 1D. I almost hassled the stewardess that she was in breach of her airline’s policy (as she directed the kid there) but decided not to hassle her for her dumb employer.

The girl was probably aged nine or ten and was quite lovely. At the end of the flight she turned to the guy next to her (as they had chatted quite a bit) and thanked him for the company etc in a very adult like way with impeccable manners.

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