Cabinet Report Card

Audrey Young gives a six month report card for the Cabinet. The summary of her ratings is:

Phil Goff 9
Damien O’Connor 8
David Cunliffe 8
Steve Maharey 7
Annette King 7
Helen Clark 7
Chris Carter 7
Clayton Cosgrove 7
Michael Cullen 6
Jim Anderton 6
Rick Barker 6
Lianne Dalziel 6
Trevor Mallard 6
David Parker 6
Nanaia Mahuta 6
Jim Sutton 5
Ruth Dyson 5
Parekura Horomia 5
Pete Hodgson 4
David Benson-Pope 3
Mark Burton 2

I have to say that overall I think it is pretty spot on. I never thought I would say this but with Peters as faux Foreign Minister it is a huge relief having Goff there to stop him stuffing things up.

O’Connor has been very smart on his portfolios and likewise Cunliffe hasn’t put a foot wrong to date as Young says. If he gets reform in Immigration and Communications he’ll remove too major sources of irritation to voters.

Cosgrove has (surprisingly) done pretty well to date. I would have Maharey as a 6 not a 7 tough.

My only regret is Ministers outside Cabinet were not ranked. My rankings for them would be:

Judith Tizard – 1
Still a mystery what does she actually do

Dover Samuels – 2
Revealing to newspapers how you attacked another Minister in Caucus is not a smart move

Harry Duynhoven – 6
Enthusiastic and knowledgeable – sometimes too much though.

Mita Ririnui – 4
Quiet plodder

Winnie Laban – 6
Very active in the Pacific community and charming a few audiences

Mahara Okeroa – 4
Not stuffed up, but not achieving much

Winston Peters – 5
Peters has the potential to be an 8 and may get there, but his temper tantrums with the media and his sidelining on trade issues makes him barely a pass. I expect this to rise with time.

Peter Dunne – 8
I think Dunne has shown how one can manage a relationship. He has taken credit for some useful stuff the Government has done, yet has constructively disagreed in other areas. He has some major challenges of credibility ahead though with the budget.

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